Lovely Mistress Emma use my butt

Lovely Mistress Emma use my butt

Please, lovely Mistress use my buttBecause I am your anal slutYour strap-on I’ll take in my assWhether it’s made of rubber or glass

I want to feel you inside of meIn public for everyone to seeA pony tail between my buttocksAnd I would even suck real cocks

I’ll twirl that tail on any dancefloorBecause I am the cheapest whoreYour fist’s so deep in my rectumAny voyeur would instantly cum

My butt’s squeaky clean like a laboratoryYour biggest toys I’ll take all, no worryAnd if there’s one who’s still too bigWhip me, ‘till I squeal like a pig

Your dildo pole I’ll take in my rearMoaning loudly for everyone to hearAnd with some training, maybeYou could even use your foot to fuck me

And when I’m sitting on my biggest toyIt hardly goes in, more lube! Oh boy!Sit down, ‘n on my shoulders rest your legsLike a harsh Mistress whose anal slut she pegs

And if that’s still not enoughOh heck, that’s gonna be really tough:Try fisting and pegging togetherFor anal acrobats: What a pleasure!

You could even make me wear a speculumIn public, any voyeur would instantly cumAnd a closeup would show the inside of my gutAm I not a real bitchy, pervy anal slut?

For you, Lady Gospodarica EmmaI’ll do any anal extravaganza (sissy slut)

pesem za; Gospodarico Emmo od; extravaganza sissy slut


Dotični text ni v slovenščini zato, ker ga je napisal sub iz tujine, ki ne zna slovensko.
Pesem je spesnil za Mene njegovo Gospodarico..


A po Slovensko pa nebi?